SOLAR Ukraine The First International Trade Show Dedicated to Generation and Consumption of Solar Energy in Ukraine.


Why Ukraine:

1. Geographical location of Ukraine is favorable for implementation of projects for solar energy generation. Ukraine has very good indicators of solar radiation (insolation) level. Climate is characterized by large number of sunny days: according to insolation degree, Ukraine significantly exceeds, for example, Germany.

Insolation map of Ukraine

2. Ukraine has a legislative base aimed at investment in solar generation (, guaranteed by the state feed-in tariff, which is valid until 2030. The rate of feed-in tariff in Ukraine is one of the highest in the world: 0.15 euro / 1 kW ( Payments on feed-in tariff depends on current Euro rate, determined by the NBU (National Bank of Ukraine).

3. Ukraine has joined European Energy Community and has undertaken to increase the share of renewable energy in country's energy balance to 11% by 2020 in accordance with Directive 2009/28/EU and adopted National Plan of Action for RES ( ) Ukraine also joined the IRENA adopting corresponding law ).

4. Over the past 5 years, solar energy in Ukraine has transformed into one of the largest and rapidly growing areas. In 2016, 100 MW have been commissioned, in 2017 - 211 MW, and 2018 - it is expected to reach 400 MW. As of 01.10.2017, 183 SES with a total capacity of 698 MW have been put into operation in Ukraine.

5. Capitalization of Ukrainian solar energy market in 2016 exceeded $ 1.4 billion.

6. Ukraine has a state program to support renewable energy projects, which implies a return of up to 35% of the loan amount for the purchase of energy-efficient equipment and materials ( There is also a program of EBRD lending for renewable energy projects (30% of total amount, which makes 300 million euros).

We invite you to take part in the exhibition SOLAR Ukraine 2019!

The organizers are Euroindex (Ukraine) and Fairtrade (Germany).
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