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USS (ENF List of Solar Companies and Products)

Ukrainian Solar System (Enerteim) at Solar Ukraine 2018, will present a TWO-WAY TRACKER, ASSUNFLOWER-40 with a sensor of solar irradiance (know-how). The increase in electricity generation using this system, in comparison with a static one, is up to 49%.


Dynamic biaxial systems of fixing photoelectric modules, using solar energy, allow to generate electricity as effectively as possible in comparison with static options.

The most effective system for fixing photovoltaic modules.
Provide an increase in energy generation in comparison with static system up to 49%.
It occupies minimum area.
Information about the functions of a tracker is transmitted by control system to the server automatically via GPRS line.

For biaxial trackers, it is strongly recommended the use of active or combined management systems. Only these systems, thanks to solar irradiance sensor, make it possible to achieve maximum efficiency.

Passive system is also effective, because modern technology allows you to calculate the position of sun in the sky very accurately and configure positions of solar panels. But this system does not take into account environment between sun and battery - terrestrial atmosphere. Our atmosphere has gases, dust particles, water in form of steam, particles of ice, drops, etc. All these components can absorb, refract, dissipate and reflect solar energy.

Solar irradiance sensor, which was developed, is a miniature biaxial
tracker with photoelectric element. According to a certain algorithm, it scans the sky, finds the most energy-saturated area, transmits coordinates of tracker system via wireless communication channel. After that, the tracker guides solar panels to this zone.

The solar irradiance sensor consists of a solar irradiance sensor, directional sensor, wind speed sensor, snow sensor and performs the following functions:
- scanning the sky, determining the most energy-saturated point;
- control of trackers;
- protection of trackers from snow;
- protection of trackers from wind;
- monitoring the status and parameters of trackers, data transfer to the server via GPRS line.

● Trackers automatically set FEM in optimal position during the day in a specific mode, tracking sun, according to the calendar

● Trackers automatically set FEM in optimal position during the day in a mode, tracking sun, according to the calendar and correcting position of FEM according to maximum solar radiation (with a solar irradiance sensor)

● Trackers automatically set FEM to fouling position (minimum airflow resistance position) when the set wind speed is exceeded (with wind speed and direction sensor)

● Trackers can be equipped with a wind speed and direction sensor and a maximum solar irradiance sensor

● Information about the functional state of trackers is transmitted to the server automatically via GPRS line.