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About the event

About the trade show

Thematic areas

Solar photocells and modules:

  • Solar panels
  • Poly-mono crystalline modules
  • Thin-film modules


Solar energy storage systems

Systems for monitoring, measuring and managing of solar power plants

Solar devices

PV-components (cables, connectors, trackers, junction boxes, etc.)

Mounting systems, mounting tools

Materials and components for the production of solar photovoltaics

Solar power stations:
  • Autonomous
  • Network
  • Hybrid

Operation and maintenance of solar power plants

Design and development of solar power plants


Companies producing equipment for solar generation
Solar station installing enterprises
Enterprises engaged in development, using solar technology
Representatives of insurance and banking institutions
Organizations implementing integrated solutions in solar generation
Enterprises developing technologies for installation of solar cells
Business entities of all forms of ownership, using solar generation for own needs
Financial companies, funds investing in solar generation